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Daily Dose - Clang++ Gets a "Boost"

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This week, Clang++, the C++ front-end compiler for the LLVM, had its first successful Boost regression test run.  Boost is a collection of open source, peer-reviewed C++ libraries, and it's known for using bleeding-edge C++ techniques (such as preprocessor metaprogramming and extensive template) that push many C++ compilers to their limits and beyond.  Now Clang++ is comfortably compiling more of Boost than many other well-established compilers.  

IBM Accidentally Hands Out Infected USB Drives… At a Security Conference!
Free USB flash drives were handed out to attendees at this week's Asia Pacific Information Security Conference in Australia.  Little did the attendees know that this was an uninvited security test for them.  Flash drive recipients later got an email from IBM suggesting that the drives were infected with a piece of malware that was detected in 2008, contained in the setup.exe file.  The email came with instructions to prevent infection or disinfect an already-infected system.  IBM also apologized for the inconvenience.  Some attendees speculate that IBM secretly wanted to test the security measures employed by attendees.

FTC Clears the AdMob Acquisition - Google Has iAds to Thank For That
Late this week, the US Federal Trade Commission cleared Google's planned acquisition of the mobile advertising network, AdMob.  The FTC voted unanimously to close the investigation on the grounds that there were numerous competitors in the mobile ad space, including Apple with the new iAd.  In fact, the FTC mentioned Apple specifically in their statement: "We reached this decision based on important developments in the mobile advertising marketplace, particularly actions by Apple that should mitigate the anticompetitive effects of Google's AdMob acquisition."  So iAds really did save the AdMob acquisition! (that's what this suggests)  Google made its $750 million bid for AdMob back in November.

Apache Derby DB Gets Fancy New Features

The just-released 10.6.1 version of Apache Derby features sequences and user-defined types.  Derby is an open source SQL database written in pure Java.  The syntax for these new features is very similar to commercial competitors.  Other features include security fixes, simplified creation of JOIN queries, and the separate storage of query plan execution statistics for later analysis.  

How (not) to handle exceptions in finally blocks.
The block in this post shows a refactoring of a double-nested try/catch/finally block that attempted to handle exceptions in the finally block correctly. You'll se that those assumptions were incorrect.This link was brought to you by Andreas Ebbert-Karroum.

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Manuel Jordan replied on Sun, 2010/05/23 - 9:50pm

Dear Members

I have one doubt, I hope that our members in DZone can give me a guidance about Apache Derby DB

Can you share your experience with Apache Derby DB in production environment? , even can you list advantages and disadvantages against MySQL and Postgresql? I am doing this question because in Spring Community Forum I have read many topics about Data Access working with the two open source Data Bases mentioned before and Oracle and few times with M$ SQL Server. But practically never with Apache Derby.

Thanks in advanced


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