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Jim Bird05/06/14
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How Product Ownership works in the Real World

Scrum continues to insist that a single person play the role of Product Owner on a development project. There are too many functional and operational and technical details for one person to understand and manage, too many important decisions for one person to make, too many problems to solve, too many questions and loose ends to follow-up on, and not enough time.

Abishek Baskaran05/05/14
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Analyzing a large JSON in memory

I have been doing a comparative study on different ways to analyse a large JSON in memory, and wanted to share the results I see.

Zac Gery05/02/14
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Defining Done: When to Crawl, Walk, or Run

In programming, defining the word "done" has a diverse field of opinions. Use this list as a jumping off point and feel free to enhance it. This will help developers in the daily decisions of crawl, walk, or run. Having alignment on these lower-level "dones" will help ensure the larger "done" is achievable.

Ariya Hidayat05/02/14
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Autodetect JavaScript TDD/BDD Library

A unique feature of Venus.js, a JavaScript test runner from LinkedIn, is that the test configuration can be in the form of source annotation. This is useful, e.g. to choose which test library (Mocha, Jasmine, QUnit) should be used to execute the tests. Now, wouldn’t it be fantastic if the test runner can deduce the said library automatically?

John Cook05/02/14
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Look-behind regex

Look-behind is one of those advanced/obscure regular expression features that I don’t use frequently enough to remember the syntax, but just frequently enough that I wish I could remember it.

Mike Bushong05/01/14
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On Uber and IT Infrastructure

Ultimately, what Uber is doing is actually quite impressive. But there is subtlety in the strategy and the innovation. The whole of IT might be able to learn a bit from Uber’s creativity.

Matt Farina05/01/14
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Modern PHP, Popularity, and Facebook

I'm not suggesting everyone jump on PHP. Or that Facebook doesn't deserve some credit. Or even that there isn't a lot of poorly written PHP. I'm simply suggesting the PHP isn't a hack that's is or should die off

Paul Hammant05/01/14
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Small Stories With Angular (case study)

I’d like to see stories push down to hours (incl QA), and I think there’s adequate precedence in the industry for that. AngularJS is a step towards that reality, IMO.

Mike Bushong04/30/14
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Abstracting vs Ignoring

There are APIs, abstraction layers, and architectural shims that all aim to hide complexity from the user. But what does that really mean?

George Dinwiddie04/30/14
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The Quality Carousel

I just observed yet another conversation on twitter that started with the topic of waste in software development. These discussions seem to spin in circles. They always have, and likely always will. Why? Because they treat quality and value as attributes of what is built, rather than as relationships.

Chris Odell04/30/14
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Agile Decompiled: What Is Agile Development?

Many people think that unless you are carrying out Iterative and Incremental releases, Test Driven Development and Pair Programming you are not working as an agile developer. However do you really need to be doing all these things to be working in an agile culture?

Michael Norton04/29/14
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I fartlek in your testing strategy's general direction

I see an interesting parallel in the debate over practices in the running world and practices in the software development world. Indulge me for a moment while I attempt to share my thinking.

Ricci Gian Maria04/29/14
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Git showing file as modified even if it is unchanged

This is a real annoying problem, suppose you want to switch branch with git checkout branchname, you will find that git does not allow you to switch because of uncommitted changes. Here's how to fix it.

Craig Matsumoto04/29/14
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OpenSSL Gets Some Help in the Wake of Heartbleed

It took a Heartbleed-sized emergency, but the OpenSSL Project is getting some of the financial support it needs. That doesn’t guarantee the same will happen for other worthy open-source projects, however.

David Catuhe04/29/14
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Why we decided to move from plain JavaScript to TypeScript for Babylon.js

One year ago when we decided to sacrifice all of our spare time to create Babylon.js we had a really interesting discussion about using TypeScript as main development language.