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Kai Wähner05/14/14
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Hadoop, Big Data and Data Warehouse: Friends, Enemies or Profiteers?

I discuss a good big data architecture which includes Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence + Apache Hadoop + Real Time / Stream Processing. Several real world example are shown.

Lorna Mitchell05/14/14
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Easy Lint Check for JavaScript

I'm introducing lint checking on one of my projects, because it didn't have a build process yet and I love this as a great place to start. Oh, and because we managed to commit broken syntax!

Trevor Parsons05/14/14
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Using D3.js to Graph Your Log Data

In a nutshell, D3 allows you to efficiently manipulate documents based on data with minimal overhead. While it could in fact be used for all types of DOM manipulation that you might do with jQuery instead for example, we have used it purely for its graphing functionality.

Johanna Rothman05/13/14
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Are You Running from Problems or Solving Them?

This management myth is something I see often in organizations. This one is the one where people are running around so often they don’t actually solve problems.

James Betteley05/13/14
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Enabling winrm using powershell

Even Chef needs this service running on the target in order to work with windows. Anyway, here’s what to do: open a powershell prompt and type the following:

David Pollak05/13/14
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Lawyers and Developers, not so different

I have been developing software professionally since 1978. I went to law school (BU Law '91). I think that computer programming technology and the law are really, really similar.

Benjamin Ball05/13/14
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The Best of the Week (May 2): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (Apr. 18 to Apr. 24). This week's topics include the a article from the DZone lead research analyst on CD and automation, loading classes from modules, clojure, TDD and rails, and Linux config version control.

Benjamin Ball05/12/14
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DZone Research Cloud News Update (May 12)

Things continue to evolve in the Cloud industry every day. HP revealed their $1bn Helion open source cloud, ActiveState grows as a supporter of the Cloud Foundry project, Parse announced offline capabilities and simplified pricing, cloudControl releases new buildpacks, Kinvey launched a dedicated BaaS, and more.

Mike Bushong05/12/14
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No one else will make your career happen

I spent the first part of my career believing that if I worked hard enough and produced results, my career would take care of itself. But what I have learned is that careers do not make themselves, and leaving your career to chance is the surest way to bewildered disappointment.

Cedric Beust05/12/14
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More about language popularity

Hot on the tail of my previous post about language popularity, the latest numbers from the TIOBE are out. The top five languages are C, Java, Objective-C, C++ and Visual Basic. Every other language beyond that has less than 4% mind share.

Jonathan Callahan05/12/14
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Using R: Working with Geospatial Data (and ggplot2)

This is a follow-up blog-post to an earlier introductory post by Steven Brey: Using R: Working with Geospatial Data. In this post, we’ll learn how to plot geospatial data in ggplot2. Why might we want to do this? Well, it’s really about your personal taste.

Younes Ouadi05/12/14
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Styling the parent of an element

There are many situation where you would need to style the parent of given element. Let's image a form that contains some input elements. This was a situation I have faced with inputs that have been enhanced with jQueryUI.

Maarten Ectors05/12/14
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The future of Big Data is linked to Cloud

Most Big Data problems are about storage and reporting. How do I store all the exponentially growing data in such a way that business managers can get to in seconds when they need it?

Scott Westfall05/09/14
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The Importance of Flow

When we are in flow, we are at our most productive. Not only do we work quickly but we make effective decisions. In flow, hours can go by in a blink of an eye. You’ll look up and marvel at what you’ve accomplished!

Paul Hammant05/09/14
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TDD When You Can't Refactor

Maybe Rails apps are too sophisticated in terms of coding constructs to be easily and cheaply test driven. At least compared to Java. Maybe frameworks are harder to TDD too, compared to libraries. Refactoring, in tools like Intellij for Java, is like giving the Mona-Lisa a proper smile with your fingers, hundreds of years after the last brush stroke, and perfectly. Not only that, but Intellij’s local-history undo is perfect too. Don’t like that smile? Hit Ctrl-Z.