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Rajaraman Raghuraman01/15/14
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Scrum meeting. Are you kidding me?

Recently I was part of a "Daily Scrum Meeting" in a reputed product development company. Being a huge fan of Agile and a committed practitioner, it was concerning that people were actually adopting it the wrong way. In this blog post, I will share some lessons learned from this meeting.

Tom O'connor01/15/14
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Finally, a place for IT "shopping" questions.

One thing that's not allowed anywhere (seemingly) on the StackExchange network is the so-called Shopping Question. I was talking about this in ServerFault Chat recently, and I thought it was about time to have a go at a spin-off site, just for shopping questions. Here it is: TechShoppingAndInfo

Alec Noller01/15/14
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Hadoop: The NSA-Fueled Privacy Invasion Machine

Hadoop users, or anybody interested in Big Data, may be interested in this recent article from Salon about the nefarious uses of Hadoop. A significant portion of the article is focused on explaining Hadoop, but then there's more: Hadoop as the central tool of Big Brother.

Raymond Camden01/14/14
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An Overview of Mobile Debugging Techniques – Part Two

Welcome to part two of my series on mobile debugging techniques. In my first article, I discussed how you can use Safari and Chrome remote debugging to help you with your mobile sites. In this article I'll be discussing two other tools that can help you - Adobe Edge Inspect and Weinre.

Mike Cottmeyer01/14/14
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How to Make Commitments in the Face of Uncertainty

I’m suggesting that most companies have a core infrastructure that is fundamentally predictive-convergent. Using adaptive-emergent techniques, language, methodology and tools is fundamentally destined to fail in predictive-converegent companies. It’s not that agile can’t be adapted or scaled to work in these predictive-converegent companies, it’s just that it requires a different language and approach.

Vlad Mihalcea01/14/14
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MongoDB Time Series: Introducing the Aggregation Framework

In previous posts, the author talked about batch importing and the out-of-the-box MongoDB performance. Recently, though, MongoDB was awarded DBMS of the year, so he therefore decided to offer a more thorough analysis of its real-life usage.

Adam Fowler01/14/14
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How to Interpret NoSQL Funding Rounds

It’s all very tempting to gloat about the amount of money your company has raised in a funding round. Many commentators use the size of an investment to determine the likely value of the company. The author believes that approach is too simplistic, though.

Brian Gracely01/13/14
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The Cloudcast #127: Got CloudOps Skills?

Brian talks with Angelo Luciani and Eric Wright about their Virtual Design Masters contest (Season 2), how VMUGs are changing, how Home Labs are evolving and the choices IT professionals are making about next-gen technologies for 2014 and 2015.

Jim Bird01/13/14
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Developers working in Production. Of course! Maybe, sometimes. What, are you nuts?

One of the basic ideas in DevOps is that developers and operations should share responsibility for designing systems, for implementing them and keeping them running. If you ask whether developers should have access to production you’ll find that people fall into one of 3 camps: (1) Of course! (2) Maybe, sometimes (3) What, are you nuts?

Barton George01/13/14
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DevOps Days NYC: When DevOps Goes Wrong

In this presentation, which is embedded below, Mike talks about a devops project he was on in Australia. He and his team were brought in to a large trading firm to implement continuous delivery and integration, they got the code right but made a few critical mistakes. Listen to Mike as he tells his cautionary tale.

Mark Morrell01/13/14
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Strengthen Employee Engagement while Working Remotely

Organizations increasingly face the challenge of how to strengthen employee engagement while their workforce increasingly work from remote locations or while mobile. There is a great opportunity for internal communications to take a leading role with developing a plan that addresses these challenges with greater use of communications channels.

Mark Needham01/13/14
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Learning about Bitmaps

A few weeks ago Alistair and I were working on the code used to model the labels that a node has attached to it in a Neo4j database. The way this works is that chunks of 32 nodes ids are represented as a 32 bit bitmap for each label where a 1 for a bit means that a node has the label and a 0 means that it doesn’t.

Mitch Pronschinske01/13/14
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Running Your Startup's Sign Up Form on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Learn how to use the Elastic Beanstalk Worker Tier, Amazon SQS, and Amazon SES to deliver e-mail messages to your customers asynchronously.

Niels Matthijs01/13/14
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Design Theory vs Reality – A Plea

this article will be a plea to my designer colleagues to get their act together. In my opinion, 2013 has not been a very good year, design-wise.

Alec Noller01/13/14
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MongoDB: 5 Syntactic Weirdnesses to Keep in Mind

People like to complain about MongoDB. The debate gets so heated, though, that sometimes valid criticisms - and nothing is above criticism - are dismissed as bandwagon hatred. It's a problem that Slava Kim seems very aware of in this recent blog post on some of the syntactic weirdnesses of MongoDB.