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Lukas Eder11/19/13
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Faster SQL Pagination with Keysets, Continued

A while ago, I blogged about how to perform keyset pagination (some also call this the “seek method”). Keyset pagination is a very powerful technique to perform constant-time pagination also on very large result sets, where “classic” OFFSET pagination will inevitably get slow on large page numbers.

Peter Zaitsev11/19/13
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MySQL Encryption Performance Revisited

I wanted to compare performance differences between MySQL’s built-in SSL encryption facilities and external encryption technologies, such as SSH tunneling. I’ll also be using this post to address a couple of questions posed in the comments on my original article. So, without further ado….

John Sonmez11/19/13
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How to Become a More Valuable Software Developer

To reach the ultimate level of success and truly increase your value, you have to have both style—the ability market yourself and make a name for yourself, and substance –the skills that pay the bills.

Tom Howlett11/19/13
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Remote Practices

Our practices revolve around keeping the team engaged. My goal is to give everyone enough space to think and opportunities to collaborate. The practices are similar to what you might see on an Agile team, the difference with remote work is they need to be more deliberate.

Alec Noller11/19/13
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Android vs. iOS: The Development Process Compared

This recent article makes a detailed comparison of Android and iOS development and asks a question: Which one should you pursue first? The author compares IDEs, configuration, UX design, languages, APIs, internet connectivity, social media sharing, fragmentation, and the publication process.

Michal Bachman11/19/13
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Modeling Data in Neo4j: Qualifying Relationships

Let's say we want to model movie ratings in Neo4j. People have an option to rate a movie with 1 to 5 stars. One way of modelling this - perhaps the first one that springs into mind - is creating a RATED relationship with a rating property that takes on 5 different values. There are more ways than that, though.

Matthew Dubins11/19/13
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Estimating Age from First Name, Part 1

After reading a post with lists of the trendiest names in US history, the author decided to compile the lists using R. In this post, the author discusses building a dataframe, as well as a function to query the dataframe.

Mark Needham11/19/13
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Neo4j: Modeling Hyper Edges in a Property Graph

At the Graph Database meet up in Antwerp, we discussed how you would model a hyper edge in a property graph like Neo4j, and it occurred to me that I’d done this in my football graph without realizing. In this article, you'll find two versions of a relationship model illustrating the use of hyper edges.

Mitch Pronschinske11/19/13
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The Future of Cloud Application Development

This talk will provide a unique opportunity to hear from the chief technology officer at the leading PaaS and cloud expert who has worked with hundreds of companies that are leveraging cloud application development platforms and adopting next generation technologies.

Brian Gracely11/19/13
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The Cloudcast #118 - OpenStack VMware Interop and Nicira SDN

Aaron talks with Kenneth Hui (@hui_kenneth) and Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe) about their OpenStack Summit session on OpenStack/VMware integration as well as get the latest on Nicira NSX from Scott.

Nikita Salnikov...11/18/13
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What garbage collector are you using?

We conducted a study on how often a particular GC algorithm is being used. The results are somewhat surprising. 13% of the environments had explicitly specified a GC algorithm. The rest left the decision to the JVM. So out of the 11,062 sessions with explicit GC algorithm, we were able to distinguish six different GC algorithms:

Vlad Mihalcea11/18/13
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Optimistic locking auto retry with JPA

This article shows how you can implement an automatic retry mechanism for optimistic locking JPA batch processors.

Mike Cottmeyer11/18/13
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Barriers to Agile Adoption

Though the status quo is killing their organization, some barriers to further Agile adoption happen way too often among organizations that need it most. I was asked to actually list some common barriers others have dealt with.

John Berryman11/18/13
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Cassandra: How to Build a Naive Bayes Classifier of Users Based on Behavior

In our last post, we found out how simple it is to use Cassandra to estimate ad conversion. This post will take the online ad company example just a bit further by creating a Cassandra-backed Naive Bayes Classifier. Again, we see that the “secret sauce” is simply keeping track of the appropriate counts.

Vlad Mihalcea11/18/13
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Optimistic Locking Auto Retry with MongoDB

The author wrote before about the benefit of employing optimistic locking for MongoDB batch processors. The optimistic locking exception is a recoverable one, as long as you fetch the latest Entity, update and save it. Spring makes it easy to implement an automatic retry mechanism, and this is how he did it.