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Lukas Eder11/22/13
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Deep Stack Traces Can be a Sign for Good Code Quality

The term “leaky abstractions” has been around for a while. Coining it is most often attributed to Joel Spolsky, who wrote this often-cited article about it. I’ve now stumbled upon another interpretation of a leaky abstraction, measured by the depth of a stack trace:

Phil Whelan11/22/13
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The Quest for a DevOps Culture: Communication is Key

We are constantly seeing articles about DevOps and the goal of improving communication between Dev and IT Operations. The underlying message is a good one: “let's all work together.” While everyone would like to work together, in theory, the adoption of DevOps has been slower than most would like.

Alec Noller11/22/13
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The 10 Most Popular DB Engines: NoSQL Catching up to RDBMS

You may have heard from Lukas Eder last week about the first part of this report on the top 10 most popular database engines, but this week, DB-Engines has published a deeper analysis of the original data, complete with charts and graphs to clarify some points about the original data

Arthur Charpentier11/22/13
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Data News: What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory, and More

This installment of Arthur Charpentier's regular collection of data science-related links includes a free e-book on "Applied Epidemiology Using R," an argument that statistics are the least important part of data science, and what every programmer should know about memory.

Adam Fowler11/22/13
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FoundationDB Joins the ACID Transaction Crusade

The author isn't talking to himself any longer on why he believes NoSQL databases should always have ACID Transactions. Now FoundationDB have put on record a detailed analysis of other NoSQL databases’ claims around ACID, and why very few actually live up to ‘true ACID compliance’.

Alec Noller11/22/13
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iOS Goodies: 2 Weeks of Useful iOS Resources

This new blog, started just a couple of weeks ago, is full of exactly what the name implies: iOS Goodies! There's no heavy reading or banter here, just a weekly collection of iOS-related links divided up into categories - Articles, Controls, Business, and UI - and waiting to be clicked.

Zac Gery11/21/13
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Skepticism: A Developer's Sixth Sense

Although many successes are seemingly interlaced with failure, some find ways to endure and grow. Why is that? One common area of growth is a developer's analytical abilities. Skepticism can be a valuable tool in a developer's tool belt, but like most tools it is only needed at certain times.

Michael Mainguy11/21/13
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Running and Software Development

I have a long love/hate relationship with running and I think that it's a great metaphor to help explain the subtle differences between agile practices and traditional development. In software development, agile practices are the equivalent of the type of running done in soccer...

Mike Bushong11/21/13
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The Source of Corporate Intertia: Institutional Memory

Are your Agile projects failing no matter what you do? Have you tried getting new devs, firing old managers, etc.? You may be experiencing the phenomenon of Institutional Memory, where the ghosts of past failures live on in the collective conscious of your organization.

Allan Kelly11/21/13
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Software Supply and Demand: This Time It's Agile

Carrying on from my previous posts applying the economists' tools to thinking about software development (Supply & Demand in software development and Software supply over time). In this post I want to see what happens when we apply Agile...

Eric Minick11/21/13
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Pros and Cons of Deployment Agents

There are two basic strategies for executing the deployment. You can either have a worker on the deployment target (an agent) or not. Both strategies have the concept of a central deployment server that acts as a controller determining when and how deployments occur.

Alec Noller11/21/13
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If MongoDB is to NoSQL as MySQL is to SQL, is that Bad?

One of the main points of this blog post is that people attribute MySQL problems to SQL as a whole, when SQL may not be as bad as people perceive it to be. On the same note, the author argues, MongoDB may not be an adequate representative of NoSQL as a whole. But is that really MongoDB's fault?

Troy Miles11/21/13
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Mobile Device Detection and Redirection in Node and Express

One of the challenges of writing a mobile web site is what to do if a user hits the site from a desktop. Of course, some will say that you should simply make the site responsive, able to look good regardless of the browser it is displayed on. But what if the site is a game?

Raymond Camden11/21/13
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Solr Presentation Assets, and a Note on DisMax Searching

The author did some research into DisMax type searching. This is a Solr search type that you can use by simply adding it to your cfsearch tag. In this article, you'll learn some of the advantages of DisMax, as well as some issues the author faced in implementing it.

Allen Coin11/20/13
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Dev of the Week: Vlad Mihalcea

This week we're talking to Vlad Mihalcea, software architect passionate about software integration, high scalability and concurrency challenges.