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Ayende Rahien12/03/13
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The Difference Between fsync and Write Through, According to the OS

When we call fsync, we have to do that with a file handle. But as it turned out, that isn’t quite as useful as you might have thought it would be.

Mitch Pronschinske12/03/13
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Monocle Open Sourced - Install it on Heroku!

For those who are not aware of monacle.io, it's a beautiful, mobile-first link sharing webpage design, and now it's open source! Here's how you can give it a no-tears deployment on Heroku.

Brian Gracely12/03/13
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The Cloudcast #123: Monitoring the Clouds from the Cloud

Brian talks with Mohit Lad (@mohitlad, CEO/Co-Founder of Thousand Eyes) about cloud applications, monitoring-as-a-service, the evolution of cloud tools and important considerations for developers and IT to consider when using SaaS-based management.

Allan Kelly12/02/13
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Agile is Like Sex

I have blogged before on the subject of “What is Agile” - I’ve even expanded on that blog in an unfinished piece of writing called “What is Agile? Perspectives on Agile” - but sometimes I think it's just sex....

Johannes Brodwall12/02/13
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Humble Architects

Humility is not a very common trait with software architects. After having worked with a few awful architects and recently with a very pleasant one, I’ve compiled a few of my experiences in the way every architect loves: As a set of rules.

Ayende Rahien12/02/13
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The Difference Between Benchmarks and Performance Tests

While I fully agree that making decisions based on micro benchmarks is a silly way to go about doing so, the reality is that many people do just that. So one of the things that I’m focusing on is exactly those things. It helps that we currently see a lot of places to improve in those micro benchmarks.

Andrew Trice12/02/13
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Implementing the “Card” UI Pattern in PhoneGap/HTML5 Applications

This comprehensive tutorial is going to teach you the basics for implementing a card-based user interface inside of a PhoneGap application. The 'card' pattern is in wide use today because of its success as a UI element in Mobile-First designs.

Steve Smith12/02/13
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Application Pattern: Vertical Divide and Conquer

The corollary to Vertical Divide and Conquer is Conway’s Law, which tells us for our vertically aligned business and technical capabilities to be truly successful we must also re-structure our organisation so that our development teams are vertically aligned with singular responsibility for specific business capabilities.

Shannon Behrens12/02/13
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Is the Modern Smartphone a Computer?

If you look at the history of computers, the modern smartphone has all the same characteristics that computers have had since at least the 50s and 60s. If you think about the big revolutions in computing, things become very obvious.

John Berryman12/02/13
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Getting Started with Neo4J Using Your Twitter Data

When approaching a technology like Neo4J, if you’re as avid of a Twitter user as the author is, then you already have the best data set for to learn with: your own social network. This post will help you set up Neo4J and a Twitter app (for the Twitter API), and work with data from your social network and others.

Marko Rodriguez12/02/13
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Boutique Graph Data with Titan

Titan is a distributed graph database capable of supporting graphs on the order of 100 billion edges and sustaining on the order of 1 billion transactions a day. In this article, you'll learn more about graph representations, graph traversals, and performance in Titan 0.4.1+.

Mitch Pronschinske12/02/13
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9 Posts That Will Get You Caught Up On Docker

Docker has been hot in the news in the second half of this year. If you're unaware of this project, or you just haven't kept up, it's time to get caught up! Here are 9 Docker articles from 2013.

Arthur Charpentier12/02/13
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Data News: "The Bayesians Hold the Magic," and More

This installment of Arthur Charpentier's data science-related links includes an article on Lucien Le Cam and Bayes, a discussion of the multilingual cyberspace, a visualization of income disparity over time, and more.

Niels Matthijs12/02/13
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Mobile-First vs. Mobile-Second: A Nuance

The mobile-first CSS approach has become the de facto way of implementing responsive designs, but lingering beneath the reassuring cloak of best-practice comfort, there is a little nuance that is lost on some. There are basically two ways to approach a mobile-first CSS setup, and only one of them is sane.

Alec Noller12/01/13
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The Best of the Week (Nov. 22): Big Data Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Big Data Zone. This week's best include a history of Python's emergence as the language of choice for data science, how to integrate R with Cloudera Impala, an introduction to machine learning with R, and more.