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Baruch Sadogursky07/09/13
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3.0.x at Full Speed: Adds Postgres Support With RubyGems Coming

The release cadence is getting even faster for Artifactory. They just released version 3.0.2 with PostgreSQL support added. Next on the list is RubyGems in 3.0.3.

Jurgen Appelo07/08/13
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25 Best Blogging Books

The idea of this list not that you start reading at the top. All books about blogging are different. Some books are about writing, others are about marketing. Some are about technical stuff, others only focus on making money.

Kin Lane07/08/13
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My Hacker Storytelling Toolbox

I'm working with a variety of tools and services to keep up with my daily research, curation, analysis and ultimately publishing of stories from the world of APIs. Over the last six months I've migrated to an approach I've called Hacker Storytelling.

Oliver Hookins07/08/13
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Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: Prolog

This time, I’ve just completed the chapter on Prolog. The previous chapter, which I found reasonably painful as well (but for different reasons) was Io.

Alex Curylo07/08/13
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App Monetization: Reality Check

Most developers simply cannot rely on app development as their main source of income. Check out this revenue model chart...

Eric Genesky07/08/13
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Six Reasons to Avoid Amazon DynamoDB if You're a Ruby Developer

One user has claimed that Amazon's NoSQL service, DynamoDB, is filled with holes for the ruby client to fall into. He reveals six problems, and I suggest that this may be an opportunity for a similar service out there to provide a better user experience for ruby devs.

Zac Gery07/07/13
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Hiring Developers: Slow Down to Speed Up

Finding and hiring talent in the technology industry has been ongoing for decades. One might assume early stumbling blocks have been identified and rectified, right? Unfortunately, hiring development talent is still a difficult area for many employers. Why is this?

Kin Lane07/07/13
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A Prose.io-like Application for Simple Data Editing

I like the concept of a dead simple editor that connects to Github using oAuth and assists me in managing repositories of information. I would like to see a similar app for simple management of data...

Leigh Shevchik07/06/13
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Velocity 2013: 20 Tips to Improve Application Speed

At the Akamai pre-party before the start of Velocity 2013, I asked attendees, “What’s your top tip to speed up applications?” Here’s what they had to say:

Ian Mitchell07/04/13
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Sprint Backlogs in Practice

Sprint Backlogs mean different things to different teams. Some teams identify tasks, others don't. In this article we look at what a Sprint Backlog is meant to be and how it relates to that most elusive of targets, the Sprint Goal.

Ashish Kuthiala07/04/13
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Electric Cloud Reveals How Software Developers Are Spending Their Time

According to a survey by Electric Cloud, developers spend almost 20% of their time waiting. How does your work week break down compare to the survey results?

Allen Coin07/03/13
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Dev of the Week: Gary Sieling

This week we're talking to Gary Sieling, Philadelphia-based programmer focusing on enterprise applications in the life sciences, and blogger.

Justin Bozonier07/02/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Practical Parallelizing in R

I wrote an algorithm in R to run a Monte Carlo simulation of how many test subjects I need for split tests to detect X% shift in the mean. It essentially required hundreds of thousands of calculations in order to come up with the final table.

Mark Needham07/02/13
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Ruby: Calculating the Orthodromic Distance Using the Haversine Formula

As part of the UI I’m building around my football stadiums data set I wanted to calculate the distance from a football stadium to a point on the map in Ruby since cypher doesn’t currently return this value.

Mitch Pronschinske06/27/13
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Git From the Bits Up

Join GitHub trainer and evangelist Tim Berglund for a look at Git, from the bits up. This talk is not for the Git beginner, but a more advanced look at "weird internals stuff" and obscure commands that will reveal a sort of internal API that is there for Git users.