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Anders Abel12/06/13
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Scrum: What’s in it for me, the Developer?

What does a developer gain by embracing Scrum? I’m a strong believer of Scrum, but some time ago, I got my beliefs questioned. That is always good because it forces one to think them over again and reason about why one believe in certain things.

Ayende Rahien12/06/13
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Immutable Collections Performance

So I wanted to know how long it would take to fully clone a 10-million items dictionary. The answer: 0.6 seconds. Doing the same with immutable dictionary? 16 seconds.

Jenny Yang12/06/13
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Using Akka Remoting for Building a Distributed Application: Addendum

I wrote a blog titled "Why blocking is bad in Akka remoting … really bad." To my surprise people actually read my blog (crazy, I know!). One of those people was none other than Dr. Roland Kuhn, Akka Tech Lead at Typesafe. Yep, Mr. Akka himself read my blog and sent me an e-mail.

Alec Noller12/06/13
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A Guide to R Programming for Experienced Developers

Experienced developers interested in learning more about programming in R have a fantastic resource in John Cook's "R programming for those coming from other languages." Cook's guide is to-the-point and concise, and focuses on the information needed to become productive with R, without a lot of fluff.

Lukas Eder12/05/13
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When Source Code Comments Indicate Trouble

Developers have their own cynical kind of humor. Consider, for instance, Geek and Poke’s view on how to insult a developer. But there’s a better humor than posting stuff on a website. There are source code comments.

John Whish12/05/13
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Proof of Concept for Building Websites Mobile First

You may want to show different elements on different devices, or the same elements in a different order. You can do this by duplicating content and then hiding or showing it. But the author wanted to think of a different way to address the problem, starting with a mobile first approach.

John Sonmez12/05/13
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What Programming Language Should I Learn?

I often get asked by beginner programmers what programming language they should learn. This is the wrong question to begin with.

Mark Needham12/05/13
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Neo4j: What is a Node?

One of the first things the author needed to learn when he started using Neo4j was how to model his domain using nodes and relationships, and it wasn’t initially obvious to him what things should be nodes. In this article, you'll find some tips and tricks that helped him get started.

Zardosht Kasheff12/05/13
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Recap from MongoDB DC User Group Meetup on TokuMX and MongoDB

Last week, the author attended a talk at the Washington DC MongoDB User Group given by John Schulz, a chief architect at AOL. In the talk, he describes his experiments comparing TokuMX with MongoDB for his use case. The experiments show TokuMX favorably, but what the author found interesting was why.

Allan Kelly12/05/13
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Software Demand Curve

It is important to remember in all this discussion that software is a derived demand. Nobody wants software for its own right, they want it to achieve some other aim.

Kevin Rutherford12/05/13
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Reflections on a Day of Mob Programming

Last week one of the teams I coach was given a day to build a proof of concept for a new business idea. I thought that #MobProgramming might be a good fit for the day’s activities, so here’s what happened.

Lieven Doclo12/05/13
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Dear Client, It's never that easy...

Anyone who has done any software development has heard it. The sentence that makes you feel like getting a shotgun. It’s a client shouting “How hard can it possibly be to add that feature? The last one you implemented in a couple of hours and this one looks like the same thing!”.

Swizec Teller12/05/13
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A Query on Confirmation

You’ve just found a bowl you know nothing about. You start pulling out marbles and the first 99 marbles are red. Will the 100th marble be red as well? D’oh. But is it really that obvious? How can you be sure?

Phil Whelan12/05/13
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A Technical Look At Stackato v3.0-Beta

The recent beta release of the Stackato PaaS features the newly rewritten open-source Cloud Foundry v2, Docker containers, and more.

Trevor Parsons12/05/13
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Log Management 101: Where Do Logs Come From?

If you’re a developer, this post probably isn’t for you as we don’t dig into the code level nitty gritty, but it will give you a high level overview of logs, where they come from and how they get sent to a third party service.