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Mark Needham07/02/13
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Ruby: Calculating the Orthodromic Distance Using the Haversine Formula

As part of the UI I’m building around my football stadiums data set I wanted to calculate the distance from a football stadium to a point on the map in Ruby since cypher doesn’t currently return this value.

Mitch Pronschinske06/27/13
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Git From the Bits Up

Join GitHub trainer and evangelist Tim Berglund for a look at Git, from the bits up. This talk is not for the Git beginner, but a more advanced look at "weird internals stuff" and obscure commands that will reveal a sort of internal API that is there for Git users.

Tom Howlett06/27/13
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A Programmer's Fear

I’ve writing about the effects of fear on a programmer (and a person) over the last couple of weeks, here are some quotes that I’ve been tweeting on the way

Allen Coin06/27/13
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Dev of the Week: Javyer DerDerian

This week we're talking to Javyer Der Derian, Python programmer, Django enthusiast, and developer at AnswerHub.

Mark O'neill06/27/13
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Enterprise APIs and the "Iceberg Slide"

The ubiquity of the "iceberg slide" shows that the API industry is agreed there are more Enterprise APIs than Open APIs. But, how *how much more*? To answer that question, we recently ran a survey...

Gary Sieling06/27/13
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Javascript Snippet to Remove Line Number, Author, Revision Columns from Fisheye/Crucible

I’ve found it helpful to create bulk reviews to view patches, where the code is spread across many repositories (CVS + Git + many revisions + many branches, don’t ask). The following Javascript will remove these columns, so you can copy text out in peace.

Steven Willmott06/26/13
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Software is Eating the World, APIs are Eating Software

As with everyone else in the industry, it’s natural that we’re often absorbed in the day to day if drilling down to individual technical challenges or choices. Sometimes however, it’s interesting to take a step back and when we do we’re continually surprised at how broad and deep the impact of APIs is likely to be.

Mitch Pronschinske06/26/13
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Tech Jobs: The Highest Paying and Fastest Growing [Infographic]

Staff.com has a new infographic on some of the highest paying and fastest growing jobs in IT. You might be surprised by some of these.

Jason Whaley06/25/13
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Just Use an IDE

The common reply is that “I can do all of these things just perfectly fine and acceptable to me with vim/emacs using $X, $Y, $Z, $A, $B, ctags, $D, $H, and $Q and some fancy management of dot files”. And that’s great, I’m glad it works for you. But here's what I think...

Mitch Pronschinske06/24/13
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Dave Fecak's New Book Takes a Fresh Look at the Software Engineer's Job Search

Dave Fecak is not your average IT recruiter. IT recruiters tend to be lame, but Dave is quite awesome. You may have read some of his blog posts here or on Job Tips For Geeks. He's written a new book about the job search for software engineers.

Swizec Teller06/21/13
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Force Users to Add a Facebook Login with Devise & Omniauth

You’ve set up rails with devise and omniauth. Users are signing up with facebook or twitter or email&password or something completely different. Everything is going great. Now you want to force some users to add a facebook login to their account.

Satish Talim06/20/13
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How do I benchmark Ruby code?

So you’ve got some Ruby code and you want to make it faster. But how do you make certain that your new implementation is faster? Science, of course!

Eric Gregory06/19/13
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Dev of the Week: Zac Gery

This week we're talking to Zac Gery about what he calls the biggest misunderstood problem in the development world -- not to mention his love of curling.

Dave Fecak06/19/13
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Alternative Jobs For Bored Web/App Developers

I’ve recently seen a spate of engineers declaring boredom and/or dissatisfaction with their current roles and responsibilities, which leads them to openly question what options are available.

Swathi Venkatachala06/19/13
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One Cap to rule 'em all ... (Capistrano)

I am a fan of Capistrano from way back and we use it for almost all kind of deployments - Hadoop, MongoDB clusters and so on. If you have not tried Capistrano, you must try it and figure out how you can use for deployments in your environment.