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Antonin Januska10/08/13
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How to Make a Bootstrap 3 Theme The Proper Way

With the release of Bootstrap 3, some of Bootstrap's themes encourage a different method of use that helps keep Bootstrap a dependency (that shouldn’t be directly touched), rather than a starting codebase. This tutorial explores these Bootstrap themes, as well as techniques for using and overriding them.

Alec Noller10/08/13
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Plugreg: The Plugin Registry for Cordova and PhoneGap

Plugreg is a website recently launched by Lee Crossley and has collected, over the last month or so, more than 150 plugins from 100 different authors. The site is straight-forward and easy to use, and while it's still at an early stage, there are already a lot of useful plugins to be found.

Ross Mason10/07/13
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The Hunt For The Perfect API

About 7 helpful tips are contained in this article for API design. Creating the perfect API is close to impossible. However it’s clear that companies that look at their APIs as a key part of the business strategy.

Mitch Pronschinske10/07/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 7)

Tim Berners-Lee vs. the EFF, the RESTful API Modeling Language, and the iOS7 HTML5 Report Card. Those stories, plus a bold idea for a new programming language, a theory about the drop in CS interest, and a great list of children's programming resources.

Mitch Pronschinske10/07/13
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Call Me Maybe: Carly Rae Jepsen and the Perils of Network Partitions

I recently found Kyle Kingsbury's blog and saw that he has done a lot of interesting research into areas that developers need more knowledge about. In this case, it's network partitions and their effects on complex applications.

Mitch Pronschinske10/05/13
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MongoDB Inc. Worth $1.2 Billion, Are They the Next Oracle?

MongoDB (formerly 10gen) just became the most valuable tech startup in New York, beating out more well-known companies like Gilt, Foursquare, and Etsy. They're also worth more than the cost of Tumblr, which was acquired by Yahoo this year.

Blog Team At In...10/05/13
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Benefits of Semiotics in User Interface Design

Visual semiotics focuses on how meaning is formed through visual signs, and what is perhaps the most important aspect that a user interface designer should understand is the relationship between what the users see and the meaning of what they are seeing, as well as the context through which they see it.

Mitch Pronschinske10/04/13
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Design Limitations in Open Source Distributed Databases, Queues, and Lock Services

Get some amazingly rare insights about the design limitations of various distributed systems like Kafka, NuoDB, Cassandra, and Zookeeper.

Mitch Pronschinske10/03/13
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Iglo Turns Markdown API Specs Into Interactive Docs

You may have heard of Apiary, a tool for generating API docs and mocks from markdown. Iglo is built on the same parser, and it's open source. In fact, Apiary even endorses it.

Andreas Kollegger10/03/13
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Amazingly Cool Graph DB Use Case Whiteboarding

Interested in seeing the products that Breaking Bad characters would be interested in? Or maybe the IKEA furniture graph would be more intriguing? These are just some of the awesome graphgists that have appeared thanks to Neo4j's recent Graph Challenge.

Mitch Pronschinske10/02/13
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How to Design Great APIs

To build a great API, it has to be intuitive. To maintain your great API, it has to have great documentation. And to build an engineering organization capable of expanding your great API, you have to be strongly opinionated.

Mike Bushong10/02/13
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The Snowflake Conundrum (aka Why it is Hard to Make Money in Network Management)

Point of Control, despite its role in so much of what is going on, it isn't getting near enough air time. For the network, the Point of Control is the point of interaction.

Allen Coin10/02/13
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Dev of the Week: Mike McCandless

This week we're talking to Mike McCandless, author of "Lucene in Action," Apache member, and smart home automation enthusiast

Jim Hirschauer10/02/13
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What is Node.js and why should I care?

Node.js is a server-side implementation of JavaScript and is also single threaded. This brings up an important question: Isn’t it a bad thing to have a single threaded application server if you want high scalability? I had to do more research.

Mitch Pronschinske10/01/13
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An Embedded, SQLite-style Subset of Redis

A new open-source, embbeded datastore library with over 70 commands called "Vedis" is a very interesting new project that is very similar, in concept, to Redis. It's virtually a subset of Redis but without the networking layer.