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Mike Bushong10/02/13
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The Snowflake Conundrum (aka Why it is Hard to Make Money in Network Management)

Point of Control, despite its role in so much of what is going on, it isn't getting near enough air time. For the network, the Point of Control is the point of interaction.

Allen Coin10/02/13
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Dev of the Week: Mike McCandless

This week we're talking to Mike McCandless, author of "Lucene in Action," Apache member, and smart home automation enthusiast

Jim Hirschauer10/02/13
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What is Node.js and why should I care?

Node.js is a server-side implementation of JavaScript and is also single threaded. This brings up an important question: Isn’t it a bad thing to have a single threaded application server if you want high scalability? I had to do more research.

Mitch Pronschinske10/01/13
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An Embedded, SQLite-style Subset of Redis

A new open-source, embbeded datastore library with over 70 commands called "Vedis" is a very interesting new project that is very similar, in concept, to Redis. It's virtually a subset of Redis but without the networking layer.

Mitch Pronschinske10/01/13
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The Blogging Programmer's Style Guide: Front end or Front-end or Frontend?

New software terms and product names are being added to our vocabulary every day, and there's no dictionary or standard document to tell us how to write them. That confusion is the reason I decided to start writing a guide.

Daniel Doubrovkine09/30/13
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Making HTTPs Requests in Ruby & JavaScript w/ Node.js

Making HTTPS requests seems oddly difficult. Why can't an HTTP library just figure things out for me like curl does? It mostly can. Here's how – in Ruby and in Node.js

Mitch Pronschinske09/30/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (September 30)

Big changes for the JVM, Ruby 2.1, Google's new algorithm, a new API for Nest thermostats, and a free version of PyCharm are some of the stories this week. You'll also see how Disqus scales to 8B monthly page views and why some pros still write bad CSS.

Kristof Degrave09/30/13
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Cross-browser Testing Using BrowserStack

When building mobile web applications, the goal is to support as many browsers and mobile devices as possible. To achieve this goal, testing all these environments will be necessary. What if I could save you from all the work of finding the correct emulators, installing them, setting up virtual machines and everything else?

Kristina Chodorow09/30/13
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Most Talks at Conferences are Entertainment, Not Tutorials

Most talks at conferences are, or would be better for being, entertainment. People can’t learn that much from a large conference talk anyway, so why not get them all fired up to learn more about the stuff on their own?

Mitch Pronschinske09/27/13
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A Docker Powered Mini-Heroku

A cool project on GitHub, which harnesses the power of the hot new application container engine, Docker, claims that it's the smallest PaaS implementation yet. The project is aptly named "Dokku" and it's less than 100 lines of bash code.

Ross Mason09/26/13
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Mule and Redis Get a Web Bug

In this tutorial, we will build a very simple back end that captures the page visit count for identified users via a web bug.

Mitch Pronschinske09/26/13
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Pinterest Uses Redis to Do Amazing Things

Adam Bloom recently wrote a really interesting case study on the Pivotal blog that explains how Pinterest was able to handle its extreme (1000%+ / year) increases in traffic and keep scaling up its following functionality with the help of Redis.

Mitch Pronschinske09/26/13
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3 Simple, No-Fluff Descriptions of SDN

Sometimes you don't want to read a whole article to get the gist of a new technology or tool. You just want a person who's familiar with the subject to tell you what it is and why it's good in 1-2 sentences. Here are three of those kinds of descriptions for software-defined networking.

Mitch Pronschinske09/25/13
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Nanomsg 0.2 Release Today Adds "Nanocat"

Nanomsg 0.2 added around 120 patches and one crucial new feature: a command-line interface. The CLI for Nanomsg is called "nanocat," and you can check it out right here.

Allen Coin09/25/13
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An Interview with PhoneGap Refcard Author Raymond Camden

This week's "Getting Started with PhoneGap" Refcard was authored by Adobe developer evangelist and DZone MVB Raymond Camden. We spoke to Ray a little bit about his background and the PhoneGap Refcard.