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Trevor Parsons12/11/13
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In Defense of the Agent

While some providers tout the evils of running agents on your system and can oft be heard shouting, “no agents here!!!”, we prefer to keep an open mind. That being said, like most things in life, agents have their pros and cons.

John Sonmez12/11/13
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I Was Wrong About JavaScript and Responsive Design

Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about JavaScript and why I thought it was doomed; I also wrote a blog post about responsive design and why I thought it was a waste of time. I was being a bit narrow-minded and I think it is important to be willing to admit that I was wrong.

Mitch Pronschinske12/11/13
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App Insights from Scott Guthrie

A founding member of the .NET project, Scott Guthrie is now VP of Microsoft's Server and Tools Business division, where he is responsible for Windows Azure as well as the .NET Framework and Visual Studio technologies. However, as you can see in this video, he's using a MacBook for the presentation. :)

Catalin Red12/10/13
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A Beginner’s List of JavaScript Gotchas

When reading more about how JavaScript actually works, the following question will inevitably pop up in your head: Why does JavaScript have so many different ways to do the same thing?

Alec Noller12/10/13
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21 Presentations from NoSQL Matters

The NoSQL Matters conference took place in Barcelona on November 30th, and now you can find slides from the presenters all collected in one place. The presentations collected cover a wide range of topics: Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Riak, Neo4j, and more, including topics discussing NoSQL as a whole.

Mark Needham12/10/13
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Neo4j and Cypher: Creating Relationships Between Nodes From Adjacent Rows in a Query

The author wanted to introduce the concept of a season into his graph so that he can have import matches for multiple years and then vary the time period which queries take into account. In this article, you'll find out how he did it.

Johanna Rothman12/10/13
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Handoffs are Not a Bad Word

In an agile team, especially with continuous integration, we don’t notice handoffs. Continuous integration makes handoffs trivial. If we work together to achieve a feature, as in swarming or mob-programming, we don’t even have handoffs.

Paul Hammant12/10/13
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Continuous Review (con't)

A few days ago I made the case that the most efficient code review process is one that deals with reviews within minutes of hours of the commit they pertain to. I didn’t dwell so much on the difference between pre-commit reviews (that until they “pass”, the commit can’t go in), and post-commit reviews (which suggest prioritized follow up work in the case of “fail”).

Olga Kouzina12/10/13
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3 Checkpoints for Your Development Process

We need to be aware of any peculiarities of the real development process to select a tool that would be capable to replicate it. So, what are the things to note about the process that one would definitely need in the tool?

Peter Zaitsev12/10/13
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Linux Performance Tuning Tips for MySQL

These simple Linux tuning tips will increase MySQL performance and make it more stable (and avoid swapping).

Troy Miles12/10/13
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Why Hackathons?

As a corporate developer I rarely get time to have fun. Hackathons bring the fun back into development.

Lorna Mitchell12/10/13
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Open a GitHub Pull Request with Hub

GitHub publishes a command line tool called hub, which is a more convenient way than the website for doing a few specific tasks and in particular I've been using it more and more for opening pull requests. The basic workflow is to create a branch, add your changes, and then push it to GitHub

Jakub Holý12/10/13
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Code Is Cheap, It’s Knowledge Discovery That Costs

If we knew exactly what code needs to be written, what needs to be done and how it can be done, we would need very little time to write it. It is the discovery of the knowledge what to build and how to build it that takes all the time.

Moshe Kaplan12/10/13
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Is There a Good Solution for SQL Server HA & Azure?

I do not see Windows Azure SQL Database as a feasible solution for a firm that expects its business to scale. The only way to migrate from Windows Azure SQL Database is to export its data and import it on a regular instance, and it's not acceptable when you have a significant traffic.

Alec Noller12/10/13
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Big Data Search with Solr and Hadoop

This set of slides on the applications of Apache Solr and Hadoop in search takes an interesting look at one of the key uses of Solr and Hadoop. The slides give a brief overview of the technologies, then explore a wide variety of different subjects in Solr and Hadoop.