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John D'Emic06/03/13
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NoSQL with Apache Cassandra and Mule

Until recently the only way to interact with Cassandra databases from Mule was to reuse one of the existing Java clients, like Hector or Astyanax, in a component. Mule’s Cassandra DB Module now provides message processors to insert, update, query and delete data in Cassandra.

Steven Willmott05/30/13
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API Crafting Secrets: Into Fliptop API

From our perspective, APIs conquer all by making the integration of many different platforms and services possible. It enables computation and data from different entities to come together and work on a collective goal. We believe the world will spin faster as a result of API’s.

Michael Mainguy05/29/13
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Fixing Perverse Incentives in Software Development

One problem with many (maybe most) software development organizations is that they inadvertently create perverse incentives, rewarding undesirable behavior and creating confusing and chaotic environments that, despite best efforts of all involved, seem to only on a hit or miss basis produce the desired result.

Allen Coin05/29/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 29)

Today: Productivity tips from the Startup Dad, how Netflix is preparing for Arrested Development, how to use Markdown in any text field, and the OpenRelativity Toolkit that lets you mess with the speed of light!

John Sonmez05/29/13
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Your Job Title Is Wrong, Here Is What It Should Be

Obviously some job titles appear to have more clout than others, and obviously some titles would be more desirable for a software writing professional to have, but a job title alone doesn’t convey any real information.

Patrick Debois05/27/13
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Infrastructure as Code - A Comprehensive Overview

I've been tracking infrastructure as code for a few years now. Over the years it has gotten closer to real code. Close, but no cigar yet...

Swizec Teller05/25/13
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The Most Pleasant Job Interview I've Ever Had

I’m not sure I ever got a chance to talk to the engineer who made the initial recommendation based on my blogpost, but I definitely got to talk to a bunch of great people and had massive fun.

Eric Gregory05/25/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US, and the Internet’s a little quiet. To tide you over, we've got the latest in quantum imaging and entanglement, programming language rundowns from both JRuby creator Charles Nutter and Middle Earth, the most maddening ninja-related game you'll ever play, and much more.

Trisha Gee05/24/13
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Be an Ambassador for Programming

You know how I keep banging on about attracting different types of people into programming? You know how we say we need to get them young?

Steven Willmott05/23/13
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Panoptix APIs: Helping to Create Better Building Efficiency Applications

The Panoptix software is all about increasing options for delivering better building efficiency. The Panoptix platform is open and offers APIs so their partners can offer their efficiency applications that take advantage of Panoptix data.

Mark O'neill05/23/13
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Identity is the New Perimeter

It was Bill Gates who said that security should be based on "policy, not topology". It's a phrase which always stuck with me. Rather than basing security on where something is, you use a policy which is independent of the network.

David Pollak05/23/13
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Project Plugh: Open Source Log Analysis

I'm building an open source log manage/analysis tool that will offer folks what Splunk offers folks, except it's open.

Steven Willmott05/23/13
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API Economics: Create More Value than you Capture

When building an API, you want to create a lot of value for your users obviously, but you should also not try to capture all of that value. You should create more than enough.

Sam Lee05/23/13
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What if Enterprise IT Built Race Cars?

How a race car would turn out if it were developed by the equivalent of an Enterprise IT department (without DevOps).

Eric Gregory05/23/13
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Building Human Fault-Tolerant Systems

In this really excellent talk from Strata 2013, Twitter's Nathan Marz walks through the challenges and serious rewards of building systems that are resilient even in the face of human error...