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Ben Teese06/30/14
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Think a Bit, Code a Bit, Test a Bit

The best piece of advice I ever got regarding a personal software development process was from a grizzled old Unix developer with a neckbeard. OK, that’s not true – it was actually from a clean-shaven principal consultant and architect at a company I used to work at, but that doesn’t sound nearly as impressive.

Max Mccarty06/30/14
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OWASP Top 10 Risks: #1: Injection

We've all witnessed (and had a good laugh) when commands have been mixed with data as in the case where the baker literally writes the instructions for the message as the cake message. There isn't much difference in this example and what is one of the core elements in what OWASP has identified as the no.

John Ferguson Smart06/29/14
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BDD in Action

Behaviour-driven development (BDD) started as an improved variation on test-driven development

John Ferguson Smart06/28/14
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It's Testing, Jim, But Not As We Know It

Behaviour Driven Development is an increasingly popular Agile development practice that turns testing on its head.

Dave Bush06/27/14
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On Avoiding Code Complexity

A few weeks before that, I talked about DRY Programming and the fact that not repeating ourselves extends much farther than most of us normally think when we are thinking about our code.Today I want to continue on the general theme of code quality by discussing code complexity.

Martin Fowler06/26/14
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Unit Testing with Martin Fowler

Unit testing is often talked about in software development. Like most software development terminology, however, it's very ill-defined, and I see confusion can often occur when people think that it's more tightly defined than it actually is.

Cloudify Community06/26/14
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DevOps Trail Blazers - People I Love to Follow

Here is my definitive list of DevOps folks I love to follow on Twitter – and I think you should too. Obviously I couldn’t get everyone in – and I may have just missed some as an oversight - so I’m opening this up for your editing and adding of DevOps rockstars you think should be in this list.

Cloudify Community06/26/14
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DevOps Trail Blazers - People I Love to Follow

Here is my definitive list of DevOps folks I love to follow on Twitter – and I think you should too. Obviously I couldn’t get everyone in – and I may have just missed some as an oversight - so I’m opening this up for your editing and adding of DevOps rockstars you think should be in this list.

Kosta Stojanovski06/25/14
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Converting Data from RTF to DITA Format with Java

In this article, the author presents the library and conversion functions used in the conversion process from RTF files into DITA format. A few steps go into it: conversion from RTF to HTML, from HTML to XML, and from XML via XSLT to DITA.

Marc Walter06/25/14
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Improving Git command access in IntelliJ

In this short article I'll show you how you can improve your IntelliJ experience when using IntelliJ with Git source code management.

Stephen Robillard06/24/14
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A Review of Java SE8 for Programmers, 3rd Edition

Learn Java SE 8, from a pair of masterful teachers. Given the book’s pros and cons this may not be the best choice for someone new to both programming and Java, but if you are already a developer and want to add Java to your skill set, or just an introduction to the new features of Java 8, it is well worth the price.

Topher Marie06/24/14
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DevOps 2014: The Year of Scaling

DevOps is a fundamental shift in the IT methodology and we are super excited to be a part of the industry. 2014 will be year of rapid innovation and scaling adoption. It should be exciting for all involved.

Doug Winfield06/24/14
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Why Should Developers Help With User Interface Tests?

Automated User Interface (UI) testing has a deserved reputation for being a morass of low-value, high-cost pain. Developers are already over-burdened trying to get the work in front of them completed and into the delivery pipeline.

Benjamin Ball06/23/14
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DZone Research Continuous Delivery News Update (June 23)

This month's Continuous Delivery industry update includes: Electric Cloud launches two new automation and build tools, IBM launched a simplified environment manager, Codeship gets a redesign, CFEngine Enterprise 3.6.0 is out, Chef issue tracking is updated, the CloudBees and Serena partnership, and more.

Benjamin Ball06/21/14
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Illustrating and Visualizing Continuous Delivery

Nhan Ngo, a QA engineer at Spotify, made a series of illustrations about visualizing Continuous Delivery that are available under a Creative Commons license. She's done an amazing job at making a concept easy to visualize that many are unable to understand even after a great deal of educating.

Whitney Baker06/20/14
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Supreme Court Rules in Software Patent Case

Big news Thursday in the tech world: the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Alice Corporation Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank International that an abstract idea isn't patentable.

Ankur Kumar06/20/14
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A Pragmatic Approach to Ensuring Software Quality

Ensuring software quality is a challenging task in the current dynamics with aggressive timelines, changing business requirements, increasing enterprise-level constraints and demanding user experience expectations.

Roger Hughes06/19/14
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The Simple Story Paradox

I’ve recently been following the #isTDDDead debate between Kent Beck (@kentbeck), David Heinemeier Hansson (@dhh), and Martin Fowler (@martinfowler) with some interest.

Ashwin Jiwane06/19/14
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Test Your Third-Party Providers to Stay Reliable

Most businesses depend on third parties to reliably deliver products or services to their customers. E-commerce sites rely on delivery services. Broadcasters rely on cable and satellite providers. And web platforms rely on cloud infrastructure to keep their systems accessible.

David Winterbottom06/19/14
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Continuously rebuild your project

New developers joining a project will often find that the project won't build cleanly on their machine, and hours of time will be sunk into setting up the project so work can start. Counter this by using continuous integration to build your project from scratch.

Dave Bush06/19/14
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Test-Driven Development Isn't All About Testing

While the artifact of Test Driven Development is test code, what you get out of test driven development far exceeds the test themselves. Another thing TDD does is that it prevents feature creep on the part of developers. By coding to the test, you reduce this urge.

Derek Weeks06/18/14
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Walking in the Open Source Component Garden

The good news is that open source projects release newer versions of their components that address newly found vulnerabilities. Bug-free alternatives are available. But making use of these newer more secure versions, relies on ensuring your organization has a process to identify these defects easily and early.

Andres Navarro06/18/14
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TCP/IP Sockets to monitor daemon processes.

I remember back in late 1990s when I discovered Socket communication and how that can help back-end processes to provide information to the outside world.

Victor Savkin06/17/14
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Testing AngularDart Applications

One of the great things about Angular is that it does not make us extend anything, and we can just use plain old Dart objects. This enables testing them without any help from the framework. There are, however, cases where it becomes problematic, especially when testing decorators and components.

Mike Bushong06/17/14
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It Infrastructure: -able vs. -ed

The point here is that the balance for your organization ought to reflect your actual practices. Whether you consider past practices or anticipated practices is an interesting thought exercise, but you should be considering something.