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Alec Noller05/17/14
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Agile Troubleshooting for DevOps with Log Analysis Augmented Search

In this article, the author will show an example of how a bug in the code can remain undetected as it goes into production, and then how analytics technologies and Augmented Search can be used to discover and troubleshoot the problem within minutes.

Eyal Golan05/16/14
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GIT Pull Requests Using GitHub

Recently I introduced to the team, with the help of a teammate the Pull Requests concept. It takes some time to grasp the methodology and see the benefits.

Trevor Parsons05/16/14
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Musing on the Future of Docker

So as the future architectures of massive-scale, distributed systems become clearer, let us finish where we started, with a little idle speculation on what happens next for Docker Inc. Of the big players with deep pockets who needs it the most? I don’t have the answer but I am watching eagerly to see how it unfolds.

Cedric Beust05/15/14
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The Pitfalls of Test-Driven Development

A few days ago, David Heinemeier Hansson posted a very negative article on Test-Driven Development(TDD) which generated quite a bit of noise

Simon Brown05/15/14
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Naming (Or How Names Can Be Ambiguous)

A really simple way to add an additional layer of information to an architecture diagram (and to remove any ambiguity) is to annotate boxes with a very short statement of what their responsibilities are. A bulleted list (7 ± 2 items) or a short sentence work well.

Craig Matsumoto05/15/14
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StackStorm Takes a Modernized Shot at DevOps

If DevOps is a verb and DevOps is a change in culture, does it make sense for anybody to call themselves a DevOps startup? Sort of. Especially if they’ve done it before.

Topher Marie05/14/14
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Should DevOps Be a Title?

There has been a lot of talk around whether or not DevOps can be used as a job title or a prescriptive requirement for a job position. Some opponents to DevOps titles say DevOps, like Agile, is a methodology and no one uses “Agile Engineers” as a title.

Florian Motlik05/14/14
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Continuous Deployment for Node.js Apps from Bitbucket to Heroku

We’ve set up a simple Node.js application called codefish which contains some Jasmine specs. We’ll use screenshots of this application in this blog post. If you haven’t got your own project to set up but you want to follow along on your computer, just fork the repository.

Mike Bushong05/14/14
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The Artists of Debugging, Re-Applied

An actual deployment of a network requires attachment to things that are not pristine. It needs to be attached to existing cabling. It needs to interact with other network equipment, from other vendors. It will have servers, storage and in a campus setting wireless access points, PCs, VoIP phones, printers, etc.

Comsysto Gmbh05/13/14
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Reactive Programming with Akka and Scala

During our lab, we wanted to implement an application with Akka and Scala, because we’re going to evaluate highly performing and scalable software architectures on the JVM. I

James Carr05/13/14
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Effective Puppet Module Management in Vagrant

I still remember my first early forays into using vagrant and puppet together to provision local development environments. Everything was easy accept figuring out a proper way to bundle puppet modules with a project. Basically it was a three step phase of discovery.

Benjamin Ball05/13/14
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The Best of the Week (May 2): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (Apr. 18 to Apr. 24). This week's topics include the a article from the DZone lead research analyst on CD and automation, loading classes from modules, clojure, TDD and rails, and Linux config version control.

Abhishek Gupta05/12/14
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Stateless EJBs: Pooling and Lifecycle

A summarized view (notes) of the Stateless EJB pooling and life-cycle. Useful for newbies

Aleksey Novik05/12/14
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Java 8 Optional: How to Use it

Java 8 comes with a new Optional type, similar to what is available in other languages. This post will go over how this new type is meant to be used, namely what is it's main use case.

Wayne Beaton05/12/14
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Automatically-Generated Bug Lists for Releases

Last week we added a new feature to the Eclipse Project Management Infrastructure: we automatically generate a bug list for each release. The bug list is generated by matching the “target milestones” from Bugzilla to the name of the release record.

Andrew Phillips05/10/14
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A Taxonomy for Devops Tools

During a recent discussion with a group of experienced Devops practitioners, we came up with the following "taxonomy" for the service delivery part of the Devops tooling landscape:

Shan Arshad05/10/14
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Configuring Sonar in Ubuntu and Analyzing Project

Static code analyzer now become very common and useful while teams will be working specially using RAD. As to meet close deadlines and sprint dates developers usually get out of the right path and use some narrow tactics to accomplish some task.

Paul Hammant05/09/14
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TDD When You Can't Refactor

Maybe Rails apps are too sophisticated in terms of coding constructs to be easily and cheaply test driven. At least compared to Java. Maybe frameworks are harder to TDD too, compared to libraries. Refactoring, in tools like Intellij for Java, is like giving the Mona-Lisa a proper smile with your fingers, hundreds of years after the last brush stroke, and perfectly. Not only that, but Intellij’s local-history undo is perfect too. Don’t like that smile? Hit Ctrl-Z.

Topher Marie05/09/14
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Venture Capitalist David Aronoff on the Future of DevOps

David talks about the future DevOps educational programs validating the importance of the movement. He also speculates on future computing trends in storage and security based on past market patterns giving examples of how we need to reimagine problems as technology improves and internet bandwidth grows.

Gil Zilberfeld05/09/14
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What Is A Unit Test?

The only value you get while writing a test, is when the code is not there yet. That’s right, in TDD. In that case, you get all of the above, plus insight about the design and safe incremental progress. If your test passes the FAIL test, then it is a unit test.

Hugues Johnson05/08/14
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Java 8 Optional: What's the Point?

There's a new feature in Java 8 called the Optional class which is supposed to cure NullPointerExceptions. The catch with this new Optional class is of course the word "class". Optional is only a wrapper that contains a reference to some other object and isn't close to being a panacea for NullPointerExceptions.

Jakub Kubrynski05/08/14
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Managing Spring Boot Application

Spring Boot is a brand new application framework from Spring. It allows fabulously quick development and rapid prototyping (even including CLI).

Eric Minick05/08/14
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Continuous Delivery in Products: Feature Toggles

Many continuous delivery concepts are most applicable for software that is running on your own servers whether as part of a website, internal application or SaaS offering. For teams who write products that are installed by their customers, some continuous delivery concepts are hard to implement.

Jim Bird05/08/14
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Driving DevOps

here is a lot of talk in the devops community about the importance of sharing principles and values, and about silo busting: breaking down the “wall of confusion” between developers and operations to create agile, cross-functional teams.

Andrzej Krzywda05/07/14
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TDD and Rails - what makes a good Unit?

There is an ongoing discussion about TDD and Rails. It was recently heated by some some of the DHH statements in his RailsConf keynote and in the blog post: One aspect of...