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Hubert Klein Ikkink03/18/14
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Change Font Terminal Tool Window in IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA 13 added the Terminal tool window to the IDE.

Konrad Garus03/18/14
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ClojureScript Routing and Templating with Secretary and Enfocus

A good while ago I was looking for good ways to do client-side routing and templating in ClojureScript.

Remy Sharp03/18/14
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Feature-based development

Recently we changed the way we were working on JS Bin. Instead of pushing new features whenever it took my fancy – which could result in success or equally some kind of breakage – we’re now pushing new features under feature flags and it’s proving to be really quite powerful (and fun).

Lubos Krnac03/17/14
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Trigger Continuous Delivery every GitHub Commit

I am going to show how to set up this process using Maven and Jenkins. Target environment is hosted on Tomcat7. Source code is hosted on GitHub. Because I am the type of developer who tries to avoid polling as much as possible, I am going to show how to trigger this process by GitHub's cool feature called WebHooks.

Yunus Emre Keskin03/15/14
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Fluent Interface for More Readable Code

Code confusion and complexity is a problem in most software projects, and we can clearly see this in enterprise projects. The reason for this confusion might be fast and unplanned developing, poorly-designed structure and undefined architecture. But we have to know this. Code is inherently complex.

Roger Hughes03/14/14
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Tracking Exceptions With Spring - Part 2 - Delegate Pattern

In my last blog, I started to talk about the need to figure out whether or not your application is misbehaving in it's production environment.

Len DiMaggio03/14/14
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Creating Complex Test Configurations with Red Deer

In the first post in this series, we took a quick look at Red Deer’s implementation of Requirements classes. In this post, we’ll take a more detailed look at Requirements, including how Red Deer supports your creating custom Requirements.

Lukas Eder03/14/14
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Java 8 Friday Goodies: SQL ResultSet Streams

Even if last week, we promised an article on concurrency, there is one very important aspect of Java 8 lambdas and interoperability with “legacy” APIs that we need to talk about, first.

Edmund Kirwan03/14/14
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What's the opposite of duplication?

Strange that we still worry about duplication.

David Green03/13/14
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Are Comments Always Wrong?

When I started programming some years ago, I would comment everything, and I mean everything.

Mike Bushong03/13/14
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Automation: More than saving keystrokes

My point here is not to put down the DevOps tools. Instead, I want to point out that how these tools are used is important. If you view tools like Chef or Ansible as a means of cutting out keystrokes (read: pushing config), then you are likely missing the point of automation. What these types of tools are really trying to do is much more profound.

Juri Strumpflohner03/13/14
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Automating the build of MSI setup packages on Jenkins

A short "how-to" based on an issue one of my work mates recently faced when trying to automate the creation of an MSI package on Jenkins.

Dustin Marx03/12/14
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Video Review: JBoss EAP Configuration, Deployment, and Administration

This post is my review of this training video on configuring, deploying, and administrating the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Alex Staveley03/12/14
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Good Use of Closures

Not long ago, in a blog post, I explained what Closure were in Groovy. This blog post will explain one good example of using them.

Dalip Mahal03/12/14
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The Programmer Productivity Paradox

If the average programmer writes about 50 lines of production code a day. A 50,000 line program would take 1,000 man days to produce. The 50,000 line listing can be entered by a programmer at about 1,000 lines a day or about 50 man days. So what the heck are the developers doing for the other 950 days?

Lubos Krnac03/12/14
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Deploy to Maven Central Repository

Do you need to make your Java library publicly accessible? Is your project hosted on GitHub? Do you like idea of "all-in-one deploy to Maven Central Repository" button? The author is going to show you how to set it up using the maven-release-plugin.

Bozhidar Bozhanov03/11/14
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IDE vs. Editor

Are you using an IDE, or an editor? Are you a “hardcore” programmer, or you are one of those sissy modern developers that use IDEs?

Ricky Yim03/11/14
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Running Multiple JDKs on OSX

I often need to have multiple versions of Java installed on my machine.

Zemian Deng03/11/14
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Quick Project Sharing With hg Over ssh

Mercurial is an awesome source control system! If you got a project in your PC and would like to share with your team. An easy and practical way is to put it in a common server (eg: linux) with ssh enabled.

Lubos Krnac03/11/14
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Mock Constructor

The author was asked to put together examples of how to mock Java constructs well know for their testability issues. He calls these techniques unusual mocking. Developers practicing TDD or BDD should be aware of testability problems behind these constructs and avoid them when designing tests and modules.

Benno Markiewicz03/11/14
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Debugging Maven Mojo Plugin Sources Becomes Very Easy Using NetBeans 8

Sometime it happens that when you configure a Maven mojo plugin, the given configuration doesn't apply or doesn't work as expected, but debugging Maven mojo plugin sources is now very easy with NetBeans 8. This short article shows you how.

Nicolas Frankel03/10/14
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Spring Boot & JavaConfig integration

Java EE in general and Context and Dependency Injection has been part of the Vaadin ecosystem since ages

Lukas Eder03/10/14
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When to Use a Framework

I’ve come across this interesting article titled "Don’t Reinvent the Wheel! Use a Framework!" They All Say.

Reza Rahman03/09/14
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Migrating from GlassFish to WebLogic: The Beauty of Java EE

WebLogic is Oracle's strategic application server for the Java EE Platform

Chris Haddad03/07/14
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DevOps = DevOps Principles + DevOps Practices

Successful, long-lasting movement have a clear manifesto outlining goals and principles. Many DevOps adopters may not be aware of the DevOps Manifesto (created by Jez Humble @jezhumble) nor how successful DevOps requires keeping a clear focus on principles, practices, and value (instead of infrastructure tooling).